The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to impact shipping operations around the world. In Vitro Technologies is constantly monitoring the situation and executing on a Business Continuity Plan to ensure uninterrupted service for our customers as part of the supply of essential services.
  • We continue to engage with freight forwarders and providers on an inbound and outbound level that have access to commercial flights, cargo carriers, charters and uninterrupted road freight line hauls.
  • Our excellent Customer Support team has been fully transitioned into a remote operating model as of Thursday 19th of March, minimising interactions, maximising social distancing and mitigating high risk of cross over with a positive COVID-19 interaction which would interrupt service provision.
  • NO VISITOR POLICY – Effective Thursday 19th March, we have implemented a ‘no visitor’ policy at all facilities. Meetings or visits must be rescheduled to a later date. Should you need to collect goods or perform any essential tasks within our facility, we will make alternative arrangements to facilitate your needs.
  • Our distribution team has been split into two rotating shifts to ensure no cross over between the teams in Victoria.  This will ensure that the exposure risk is minimised to the whole team and stock can still be received and dispatched out of our main warehousing facility.
  • As continued contingency to ensure uninterrupted provision of goods, we have also placed critical supply of goods into Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia to support states locally.  In the event of mandatory isolation or lockdown and slowed supply chain via road models as borders shut down – our facilities will be able to locally supply each state remotely through our Third Party logistics partner – MNX-LFS
However, we advise the following to all customers to ensure that the steps we take together will ensure that your shipments and your service provision continue to go smoothly:
  • Verify your operational hours for pickups and delivery – ensuring all address detail outlines any requirements for site and ensuring social distancing for the safety of yourselves, our staff and our carriers
  • Any time sensitive requirements for freight will incur additional charges.  This is to ensure provision of service as premium freight services will be required to ensure on time delivery
  • All carriers have enacted a no signature policy – what this means is that upon receipt of goods, your name will be asked by the driver and listed on the Proof of Delivery with no signature.  This is to ensure contactless delivery and safeguard our customers and carriers.
  • All delivery times cannot be guaranteed.  Whilst we are working to ensure uninterrupted service, we have had to reduce the operating capacity of our distribution at any given hour to accommodate this, meaning that supply of orders may be delayed.  To minimise this impact, please ensure the urgency of your order is communicated to 1300 552 003 and our Customer Support team will facilitate this request to the best of our ability.  Preference will be given to all critically deemed freight, especially freight and services going into facility to support emergency and essential services dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Normally goods are loaded on passenger aircrafts although due to cancellations with major airlines and groundings, this has meant that there are less flights and space is scarce.
  • Premium rates have increased as much as 50% to try and secure space on any remaining airlines.
  • Some cargo is travelling with the use of freighter services to offset passenger flights although these are mainly designed for cargo which have a height greater than 160cms.
  • Air freight Lead times have remained consistent although there have been delays in getting goods to and from the airports. Delays around 2 days. 
  • Manufacturers around the globe continue to operate at normal capacity but the majority of the offices are working from home. This will have an impact on response times in the logistics of each business.


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